Vanessa Calas
We've launched!

For those of you who have been following us, waiting to pioneer the world’s first smart instruments, have we got news for you.

As of 8 a.m. EST today, we’ve gone live on Kickstarter. Hurry, the first systems are the cheapest ones!

Reasons to get excited for an eMotion system:
  • Change the distortion on your guitar by tilting the neck up
  • Attach some shock sensors to your drum set--and create the most amazing light show ever
  • Put a motion sensor on your violin and add a new dimension of composition, changing pitch and tempo of the backup track as you move around the stage
  • Stick a sensor on a beach ball, program it to control filtering, toss it into your audience and let them have a hand in your performance
  • Wrap a sensor around your wrist or put it on a microphone, and actively partake in instrumentals in ways other than a tambourine
  • It’s hackable ... !! What would you do with it?
Let's create the future of music together.
Rock on!
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22 Apr, 2013574 Views
Vanessa Calas
Hey Rockstar!

First off, the entire eMotion Tech team would like to thank you for your continued support. You've stuck with us thus far, and now we've finally got a solid way to say thanks.

We're launching our Kickstarter in a few hours! At 8 a.m. EST, you, your friends, your family, your friends' family, family's friends and everyone else and in between can get your hands on our technology.

Are you excited? Probably.

Are you an early, early adopter? Hurry, friend! The first systems are going for very little markup--almost at production cost--because we just want to get our stuff into your hands. It doesn't matter if you're a musician or not, hack the system if you'd like and do what you want with it. This is for you, after all.

If you've got a moment, please visit our landing page at and help us spread the word. We want to change the world (or at least the music world), and we honestly believe we've got something that can do it ... but we can't do it alone.

See you on Kickstarter!

Rock on!

eMotion Tech Team
22 Apr, 2013324 Views
Vanessa Calas
In light of our Kickstarter campaign going live tomorrow, I've made an infographic for you. It's my first one, but I hope you like it!

Keep an eye on Rock eMotion Tech because we'll be offering super early bird specials to our first backers. Grab our revolutionary system with very little markup, but hurry because they're limited!

And in the meantime ....
15 Apr, 2013301 Views